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Pandemic and Tourism

The Covid-19 epidemic, which we heard about in the first days of 2020 and began to gain more importance in our lives over time also deeply affected our understanding of vacation.

The epidemic led people to research opportunities for vacationing in environments where others didn't. The search for a safe holiday has highlighted rental sailing boats, rental yachts, caravans and detached houses. Sailboat and yacht charter options attracted more people's attention. However, as sailboats  seemed complicated to people, they had a serious hesitation in choosing them.

When we told our undecided customers that we could assign a captain to the boat in case of need, the management of the boat would be carried out by the captain, and even that they could receive sailing training during this process, we saw that the customers were more positive about boat rental.

For the first time, our customers, who prefer to rent a sailing yacht, will not only take a vacation, but also receive training on sailing boats and yachts.
In addition, they will have the opportunity to have a holiday away from the epidemic and with a complete isolation.

Since our establishment, we have aimed to minimize the Sailing Boat confusion in our customers' minds with the activities we have done during the season opening and closing. We have achieved this goal to a great extent. After participating in these events, many of our customers have obtained an Amateur Sailor Certificate or Yacht Captain and have had a holiday on the sailboats they have rented. They survived the negative effects of the pandemic period and had a safe holiday with their families and loved ones.

After the pandemic, many things will be permanent in our lives. Isolated life, distant stance, hygiene and general health rules. These rules will come to the fore in our holiday programs as well as in every stage of our lives.

But, as we already proved, it is not difficult to comply with these rules when holidaying on a sailing boat.

To get the opportunity of a magnificent and isolated sailing holiday in Fethiye, Göcek & Marmaris, all you need to do is contact us by filling out the quote request form.