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Sail Technic

Yacht Technical Service-Maintenance-Repair

Our company, which has been operating in the maritime sector for many years, continues its work in this region with staff who have worked on ocean-going ships and the technical team experienced in the field of bareboat rental.

While assisting the boat owners, we offer a comprehensive description of all the works we do, evaluating the boat and the equipment in the light of the user's manual. Customer satisfaction during and after is our priority while setting a price for our work.

Periodic maintenance; is very important for preventing major damages that may occur to the boat condition, therefore, affecting the boat’s life.

We have the equipment necessary for the maintenance that needs to be done daily, weekly, every 3 months, 6 six months, and yearly. Our team is ready to serve you with all of your equipment for the organization, follow-up, and finalization of the engine maintenance, generator, water pumps, toilets, ovens, air condition and refrigerators, electrical-electronic devices, painting, sails and awning mending, carpeting, and upholstery, etc.


Periodic Maintenance

All of the maintenance of your boat on land or sea is done in a timely and complete way. All practices and overhauls are regularly reported, repairs and maintenance are done ensuring that your boat is ready and safe at any time.


Electrical / Electronic

  • Stern/bow thruster repair assembly;
  • Repair and installation of deck, cabin, underwater lighting, and navigation lights;
  • Windlass, Crane, Passerella, Winch, Platform and Tailgate repair and assembly;
  • Starter, Charger alternators, Wind and Solar panels, Battery Charger and Inverter systems maintenance, repair, and installation;
  • Water pumps, Gray / Blackwater pumps, Bilge Pumps, High / Low-Pressure Pumps, Circulation Pumps, Wastewater pumps systems maintenance, repair, and installation;
  • Electrical panel, Marin cable installation;
  •    New or old air conditioners, Water Maker, in-boat heating, Generator, and Decontamination systems maintenance, repair, and installation;
  •   Tests, measurements, and all other electrical works are carried out according to the brand and model of all electrical and electronic devices.


Air Conditioning / Cooling

  • Deep freeze;
  • Boat heating/cooling works;
  • Refrigerator;
  • Testing and measurements of all systems, gas charging, bacterial spraying, maintenance, repair, and installation works;
  • New hardware and fittings;
  • Split and central air conditioning systems are designed according to the requirements of your boat.



  • We assist in the maintenance, repair, revision, and installation of all Diesel, Gasoline machines, and Outboard engines;
  • Main engine maintenance and general controls;
  • Disassembling of gearboxes, cleaning of parts and general controls;
  • Checking the condition and changing the rear throat seals;
  • Aftercooler dismantle for cleaning and leak test;
  • Maintenance of seawater pumps;
  • Maintenance of fuel pumps;
  • Maintenance of injectors;
  • Starter motor maintenance;
  • Charger maintenance;
  • Engine installation, control, etc.


General Mechanics

  • Cleaning, maintenance, and changes of brackets, gusset, shaft, and all seawater valves;
  • Installation of watermaker, sewage treatment, air conditioning, and heating systems;
  • Vacuum Toilet Repairs;
  • New water tank installation and manufacture;
  • Wheel systems maintenance and repairs;
  • Windlass, Winch, Lock reel systems replacement and repair;
  • Clean water, Wastewater, Fuel tank, and drainage installation work and maintenance;
  • Survey services for boats to be sold and purchased.


Carpenter Works

  •  Cabin, deck, and trunk repairs;
  • Deck teak replacement, cleaning, varnish maintenance, and repair;
  • Furniture repair, renovation, and manufacture.


Polyester / Paint

  • Polyester and epoxy repairs;
  • Antifouling paint;
  • Gelcoat repairs;
  • Osmosis Treatment;
  • Complete cleaning and polish application;
  • Deck and topside paint ;
  • Varnish works ;
  • Polish works;



  • Indoor/outdoor seating groups;
  • Winter sunblinds;
  • Sitting and Sunbathing Cushions;
  • Bimini, Spray Hood and sunblinds;
  • Inflatable boat wrap and covers.


Routine Maintenance Service (Guardian)

  • Daily ventilation;
  • Routine exterior cleaning;
  • Batteries and standby systems control-surveillance;
  • Main machinery and generators control-surveillance;
  • Interior cleaning and laundry service;
  • Workability control of all the equipment.