• Sailfleet Sailboat Yacht Charter in Fethiye, Gocek and Marmaris Turkey

Sailfleet will popularize Sailing among seafarers.

”For many years I have been a captain , I worked as a manager in the black offices of the maritime companies, but I never enjoyed the sea as much as I do now“ says Ahmet Haznedar describing the distinction of sailboats. Haznedar says that he has started to enjoy the sea only when he discovered sailing; ''Us, the sailors, unfortunately forget to enjoy the sea while trying to win our bread. I saw this clearly just recently. We will try to make you love this sport through our boat rental company.''

Saying that there are seven sailboats and three catamarans in their fleet, ''We are aiming to provide the most economical and safest holiday for all people, protecting the texture and beauty of our bays by renting a sailing boat in Marmaris, Fethiye and Göcek'' says Haznedar. Haznedar's greatest desire is to atract professional seafarers in this sector. For this reason, on the 2-days boat tour he organized in Fethiye, he talked about sailing to seafarers, marine managers and employees. Saying that they plan to make similar trips with different managers every year, 'Even for two days only, people have the opportunity to escape the busy work schedule and spend time on the sea. By opening the sails, they find the opportunity to swim in the bays of Fethiye and Göcek. On our first trip, there were managers who never went on a sailing boat. At the end of the second day they gained enough skills to moor the boats back in the marina on their own'' he says .

'Boats can also be an investment tool'

Saying that luxury boat ownership is shown as a very large cost, Haznedar states that boat owners can secure income when they are not using them by giving their boats to the rental companies to manage them. ''If you get a right boat, you can earn back the money you have invested in eight years'' says Haznedar and adds ''The holidays you spend on your boat are supplimentary''. Captain Haznedar has already begun to persuade the retired captains and chief engineers around him. He is determined to buy a sailing boat to every seaman. ''What differentiates us from the other charter companies is the manpower working on our ships''. Haznedar said that there are around 500 seamans working in the 30 commercial vessels they operate, expressing that they aim to instill in these men the passion for sailing.

Can everyone rent?

It is not too difficult to use fully equipped boats. There is a leasing system relying on the person's statement. The boats have a capacity of 7 to 9 people and is handed over to experienced holders of a amateur sailor’s licence. After signing a rental agreement, of course. If requested we can also provide a skipper or a cook. The skipper can train you on the boat for a few days. Rental fees vary by season and boat type. Weekly rents range from approximately 1800 to 3500 euros per boat. The charter starts at noon on Saturday and ends next Saturday morning. The cost of fuel used and food also concerns the charterer. But if you sail continuously, your weekly fuel costs will not exceed 150 TL.

News Source: Peşmebe Rotası
Writer: Murat Erdoğan