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Sertifika Programı Yelkenli Yatçılık 2 (YY2)

Certificate Program Sailing Yachting 2 (YY2)

In this training, a sailing yacht; Ability to sail under the engine and sail, map information, maritime rules and customs, rights of way, berthing, departure maneuvers, basic issues of anchoring, detecting and repairing malfunctions that may occur, emergency procedures that may occur are shown in a practical and applied way.

If the trainee has a success rate of 60 percent as a result of the evaluations to be made during the course, he/she is entitled to receive the certificate of the training program created in partnership with ISAF and the Turkish Sailing Federation.

Moreover, during your education, you will have pleasant memories in the magnificent bays of Göcek.

Who is YY2 for:

It is for people who want to improve themselves and their environment in sailing and maritime matters and to transport a boat under their responsibility from one point to another safely.

Prerequisite for Participation:

  • To have YY1 certificate or equivalent knowledge.
  • To have an Amateur Seaman's Certificate.

Education time: 

A total of 36 hours of training is given for 6 days, 6 hours a day. It can be divided into a maximum of 3 parts for at least 2 days. In this training, unlike YY1, it is obligatory to stay overnight on the boat.

Boats Used in Training: 

Our sailing yachts accredited by TYF with a minimum of 3 cabins and a maximum of 5 cabins, varying in length from 36ft to 54ft, will be used.

For detailed information about our boats, please visit the link below.

https://www.sailfleet.net/our boats?kategori_k=1

YY2 Curriculum:

Please click the link for the curriculum.